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The H65S is a cast-in fire collar for concrete slabs 150mm and thicker.

For use with a range of pipe types and diameters.
Has an internal rubber ring that seals against the pipe.

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Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP)

Collar Approvals

EN Approvals
PipeMeasured pipe
range* (mm)
Measured pipe wall thickness range* (mm)Measured pipe end or socket wall thickness range* (mm)IntegrityInsulationReport
PVC40 to 633.3 to 5.1180240BRE P104650-1003
PVC + Coupling40 to 633.5 to 5.03.5 to 5.0180240BRE P104650-1003
PP40 to 502.2 to 2.3180240BRE P104650-1003
PP + Coupling40 to 501.8 to 2.71.8 to 2.7180240BRE P104650-1003
PE-HD26 to 643.0 to 6.4120240BRE P104650-1003
PE-X16 to 633.1 to 9.79090BRE P104650-1003
* Note: The measured ranges of the pipe, and the pipe end/socket, must be considered separately. All values are measured sizes, rather than nominal.

Product Specs

Element: Concrete slab

Pipe Type: PE-HD, PVC, PE-X, PP