Sure Snap: The only smoke and fire collar


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Can I use a collar on any type of pipe and in any application?

You can only use the collar in specific pipe/collar/building element systems that have been tested or assessed and given a fire-rating. Refer to the collar product page and approval charts for a list of all fire-rated system configurations.

What is a fire rating?

The Fire Resistance Rating given to a pipe/collar/building element system is the amount of time a system can be expected to prevent the passage of heat and flames through a building element in the event of fire.

It is given in minutes i.e. an ‘Insulation’ rating of 180 means that heat will be prevented from moving through the penetration for 180 minutes.

There are two ratings that apply to fire collars: ‘Integrity’ and ‘Insulation’. The ‘Integrity’ rating indicates the amount of time the fire collar will prevent flames passing through the penetration. The ‘Insulation’ rating gives the amount of time that the fire collar will prevent excessive heat passing through the penetration.

Can I push a pipe fitting up inside the collar from the underside to save on head height?

Sure Snap collars have been tested with fittings pushed up inside the collar for a number of pipe types and diameters. Refer to the collar datasheet to determine if the pipe thickness allows for a fitting.

Some pipe types are difficult to close and therefore fittings are not covered by testing or assessment.

If a fuse-link (the nylon link holding the springs ends together) breaks, does the collar need to be replaced?

If a fuse-link breaks before the pipe has been installed, the fire collar should be replaced or a new a fuse-link installed on the activated spring.  Contact the distributor for a replacement.

If a fuse-link breaks after the pipe has been installed, the fire collar is still compliant and no further action need be taken.

Can the fire collar be altered in any way?

The collar cannot be altered in any way other than as prescribed by the installation instructions.

Under no circumstances should you remove any of the dark grey ‘intumescent’ liner from the collar or any other component.

Is it okay to get concrete in the spring pockets?

There should never be any concrete in the spring pockets. If any has leaked in during installation it may interfere with the ability of the collar to activate in the event of a fire, leaving the collar non-compliant.

The collar should always be installed with the locator plate as it is designed to prevent the ingress of concrete into cast-in collars during a slab pour.

If a small amount of concrete does enter the spring pockets, in most cases it can be flicked out with a screwdriver after the formwork has been removed.

How can I secure Sure Snap collars to steel formwork?

You have two options for affixing the collars to steel formwork:

  • Steel templates for a plasma cutting. These are used to cut a hole in the metal deck that will expose the spring pockets.
  • You can cut a square out of the formwork and affix the customised pre-cut deck plates.

Is it okay to leave acoustic lagging around the collar?

We have tested Sure Snap Cast-in Collars with Thermotec Nuwrap 5 acoustic lagging run right up to the base of the collar (Test Report FR5670 Specimen 1 & 2), and it had no appreciable impact on the performance of the collar.

Do not, however, tape the lagging to the ceiling and so cover the collar completely.

What can I use to fill the gap between the collar and the pipe on the top of the slab?

Any gap between the collar and the penetrated element must be filled with a material that at least matches the Fire Resistance Level of the element, such as concrete or fire rated sealant.

For smaller gaps, 15mm or less use a fire rated sealant such as Fullers Firesound or Bostik Fireban 1, and for larger gaps a non-shrink grout or similar product to 40mm depth (See Installation Instructions for details). Do not place anything up in the underside of the collar.

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